Bacher is specialized in manufacturing finest tables. Feel the quality – experience perfection. Their profession and vocation is, to produce high-quality tables from natural stones and glass with various functions. Their designs are minimalist and timeless combined with high functionality. And they adapt wishes in size and material to match customers needs to suit their living spaces.

Feel the Quality and experience the perfection

Our profession and vocation is to produce high-quality pieces of furniture. the design of our tables is minimalist and timeless, combined with high functionality. and we adapt the size and material used to match your wishes and needs and to suit your living space. this means the table is not just a place to eat, but also a meeting place and the communication centre of your home.

The innovative material FENiX combines a modern matt look with low maintenance and high resilience. in addition to a pleasant velvety feel, the specially designed resins guarantee a waterproof, scratch-proof, heat-resistant and antibacterial surface with a lotus effect. thanks to a special innovative and sophisticated laser technology, our
craftsmen need no visible glue joints – a highly successful innovation by Bacher.

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