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As well as being the world’s largest presentation of commercial fabrics and textiles, Heimtextil – taking place at Messe Frankfurt from 8-11th January – pays close attention to emerging consumer and material trends in its Trend Space in hall 3.0. Furniture News presents the five key trend stories for 2019/20 and beyond

A search for new lifestyles guided by mindfulness and sustainability will exert significant influence on product development in the coming decades, according to the team in charge of Heimtextil’s 2019 Trend Space, London’s FranklinTill Studio.

“We live in an era of uncertainty and mistrust in the established order,” says Caroline Till, the studio’s co-founder, who, together with her colleague Kate Franklin, led the consortium of designers and trend experts behind this year’s initiative, the International Heimtextil Trend Council.

“As a reaction, we try to live a meaningful, conscious life, based on positive relationships. We take responsibility for our lives and look for ways of life that fulfil our value system in search of a new utopia – a society that aims at promoting the wellbeing of all its citizens.”

The theme behind this year’s installation at the show is Toward Utopia – a world of new standards such as escape from complex lifestyles, a desire for deeper relationships, spiritual confirmation and greater meaning.

Toward Utopia aims to show which routes individuals can take to find a balanced lifestyle in the modern world – from those who seek temporary time out from the internet to reconnect with nature and defy the elements, to those who escape from the real world into a virtual realty.

Others withdraw and find security in pure, minimalist rooms, or seek a nostalgic answer to uncertain times and surround themselves with beauty and luxury. Finally, there is the unconditional hedonistic desire for play, which is probably hidden in everyone.

The exhibition’s newly-designed Trend Space aims to suggest how these various scenarios might be lived out, by presenting a combination of exhibitors’ product, trailblazing projects and design initiatives, as well as the current colour trends.